Energy Security Board – Draft Detailed Design of the National Energy Guarantee: Consultation Paper

Publication date: Friday, 15th June 2018.

The draft Detailed Design of the National Energy Guarantee (Guarantee) has been released by the independent Energy Security Board for public consultation. The Guarantee has been designed with the intention to deliver more reliable, affordable and cleaner energy to Australian consumers.

Detailed Design Process

The Energy Security Board’s high level design proposal for the Guarantee was presented to a meeting of the COAG Energy Council on 20 April 2018. It was agreed the Energy Security Board should progress development of the detailed design of the Guarantee, for determination at the COAG Energy Council’s August 2018 meeting.

The Energy Security Board released a series of issues papers in May 2018 to facilitate discussions with jurisdictions and Technical Working Groups on several detailed design elements. The feedback from these discussions has informed the draft Detailed Design.

To provide further detail on some of the technical elements of the draft Detailed Design, the Energy Security Board released a series of Technical Working Papers on 22 June 2018. The Technical Working Papers build on the issues papers released in May and feedback from stakeholders.

Public consultation

A stakeholder forum was held in Melbourne on 2 July 2018.


Following the release of the draft Detailed Design Consultation Paper on 15 June 2018, the Energy Security Board has received more than 90 submissions on the consultation paper. The consultation process has now closed and the Energy Security Board thanks stakeholders for their participation.

The feedback received in response to the consultation paper will help inform the Energy Security Board’s final design that will be considered by the COAG Energy Council at its meeting in August 2018.




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PDF icon TWP - Book-Build - June 2018.pdf536.36 KB
PDF icon TWP - Compliance and Penalties for the Emissions Reduction Requirement - June 2018.pdf658.64 KB
PDF icon TWP - Compliance and Penalties for the Reliability Requirement - June 2018.pdf911.7 KB
PDF icon TWP - Demand Response - June 2018.pdf603.29 KB
PDF icon TWP - Emissions Registry - June 2018.pdf664.12 KB
PDF icon TWP - Exempt Load - June 2018.pdf665.67 KB
PDF icon TWP - Forecasting the Reliability Requirement - June 2018.pdf711.33 KB
PDF icon TWP - Liable Entities for the Reliability Requirement - June 2018.pdf599.95 KB
PDF icon TWP - Market Customer Load - June 2018.pdf578.71 KB
PDF icon TWP - Procurer of Last Resort - June 2018.pdf523.7 KB
PDF icon TWP - Qualifying Contracts - June 2018.pdf726.83 KB
PDF icon ABB Australia Consultation Paper.pdf3.02 MB
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PDF icon ACOSS Consultation Paper.pdf621.07 KB
PDF icon Adani Australia Renewables Consultation Paper.pdf1.48 MB
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PDF icon Agriculture Industries Energy Taskforce Consultation Paper.pdf566.63 KB
PDF icon AKD Softwoods Consultation Paper.pdf153.95 KB
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PDF icon APPEA Consultation Paper.pdf2.84 MB
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PDF icon Australia Pacific LNG Consultation Paper.pdf305.34 KB
PDF icon Australian Aluminium Council Consultation Paper.pdf255.61 KB
PDF icon Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Consultation Paper.pdf339.51 KB
PDF icon Australian Council of Trade Unions Consultation Paper.pdf176.76 KB
PDF icon Australian Dental Industry Association Consultation Paper.pdf185.66 KB
PDF icon Australian Energy Council Consultation Paper.pdf323.07 KB
PDF icon Australian Environment Foundation Consultation Paper.pdf1.12 MB
PDF icon Australian Financial Markets Association Consultation Paper.pdf126.41 KB
PDF icon Australian Forest Products Association Consultation Paper.pdf314.21 KB
PDF icon Australian Industry Greenhouse Network Consultation Paper.pdf270.54 KB
PDF icon Australian Industry Group Consultation Paper.PDF225.8 KB
PDF icon Australian Sugar Milling Council Consultation Paper.pdf478.13 KB
PDF icon Barwon Water Consultation Paper.pdf1.23 MB
PDF icon BlueScope Consultation Paper.pdf116.89 KB
PDF icon Brickworks Consultation Paper.pdf77.98 KB
PDF icon Business Council of Australia Consultation Paper.pdf563.4 KB
PDF icon Business SA Consultation Paper.pdf79.92 KB
PDF icon Cement Industry Federation Consultation Paper.pdf950.24 KB
PDF icon Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA Consultation Paper.pdf1.54 MB
PDF icon Chemistry Australia Consultation Paper.pdf585.35 KB
PDF icon City of Sydney Consultation Paper.pdf223.72 KB
PDF icon Clean Energy Council Consultation Paper.pdf179.39 KB
PDF icon Climate Council of Australia Consultation Paper.pdf217.36 KB
PDF icon D Gillett Consultation Paper.pdf115.42 KB
PDF icon Delta Electricity Consultation Paper.pdf345.95 KB
PDF icon Doctors for the Environment Australia Consultation Paper.pdf214.64 KB
PDF icon Dow Chemical Australia Consultation Paper.pdf233.84 KB
PDF icon Edge Energy Services Consultation Paper.pdf190.04 KB
PDF icon Enel Green Power Consultation Paper.pdf200.37 KB
PDF icon Energy Consumers Australia Consultation Paper.pdf746.74 KB
PDF icon Energy Developments Pty Ltd Consultation Paper.pdf163.71 KB
PDF icon Energy Efficiency Council Consultation Paper.pdf468.94 KB
PDF icon Energy Networks Australia Consultation Paper.pdf899.24 KB
PDF icon Energy Users Association of Australia Consultation Paper.pdf361.25 KB
PDF icon EnergyAustralia Consultation Paper.pdf1.22 MB
PDF icon EnerNOC Consultation Paper.pdf452.81 KB
PDF icon ENGIE in Australia & New Zealand Consultation Paper.pdf294.44 KB
PDF icon Engineers Australia Consultation Paper.pdf562.15 KB
PDF icon ERM Power Consultation Paper.pdf584.8 KB
PDF icon Flow Power Consultation Paper.pdf124.4 KB
PDF icon G21 – Geelong Region Alliance Consultation Paper.pdf174.79 KB
PDF icon Gas Energy Australia Consultation Paper.pdf164.35 KB
PDF icon GreenPower Consultation Paper.pdf781.79 KB
PDF icon Hydro Tasmania Consultation Paper.pdf433.64 KB
PDF icon Infigen Energy Consultation Paper.pdf483.86 KB
PDF icon LGI Limited Consultation Paper.pdf174.87 KB
PDF icon Manufacturing Australia Consultation Paper.pdf863.07 KB
PDF icon Major Energy Users Consultation Paper.pdf168.23 KB
PDF icon Minerals Council of Australia Consultation Paper.pdf159.38 KB
PDF icon MM Technology Consultation Paper Stairway To No Where Final.pdf3.93 MB
PDF icon MM Technology Consultation Paper.pdf150.86 KB
PDF icon National Farmers’ Federation Consultation Paper.pdf694.96 KB
PDF icon NSW Business Chamber Consultation Paper.pdf349.34 KB
PDF icon Origin Consultation Paper.pdf193.15 KB
PDF icon Orora Limited Consultation paper.pdf1.12 MB
PDF icon Power Club Limited Consultation Paper.pdf119.88 KB
PDF icon Powershop Australia and Meridian Energy Australia Consultation Paper.pdf389.95 KB
PDF icon Property Council of Australia Consultation Paper.pdf367.06 KB
PDF icon Public Interest Advocacy Centre Consultation Paper.pdf161.33 KB
PDF icon Reach Solar Consultation Paper.pdf1.62 MB
PDF icon REC Agents Association Consultation Paper.pdf363.52 KB
PDF icon Reliability Panel Consultation Paper.pdf111.68 KB
PDF icon Rio Tinto Consultation Paper.pdf64.7 KB
PDF icon Rusal Australia Consultation Paper.pdf410.42 KB
PDF icon RWE Supply & Trading Consultation Paper.pdf416.66 KB
PDF icon Snowy Hydro Consultation Paper.pdf487.52 KB
PDF icon Solar Citizens Consultation Paper.pdf173.11 KB
PDF icon South Australian Chamber of Mines & Energy Consultation Paper.pdf281.68 KB
PDF icon South Australian Wine Industry Association Incorporated Consultation Paper.pdf100.01 KB
PDF icon St Vincent de Paul and South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) Consultation Paper.pdf323.66 KB
PDF icon Sumo Consultation Paper.pdf925.29 KB
PDF icon Telstra Consultation Paper.pdf944.72 KB
PDF icon Tesla Motors Australia, Pty Ltd Consultation Paper.pdf65.85 KB
PDF icon Tilt Renewables Consultation Paper Cover Leter.pdf303.16 KB
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PDF icon Tim Kelly Consultation Paper.pdf1.14 MB
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PDF icon Visy Industries Australia Consultation Paper.pdf120.56 KB
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