Initial design of the Guarantee

Publication date: Friday, 20th April 2018.

Energy Security Board's (ESB) initial design

The ESB presented a high level design of the Guarantee to the COAG Energy Council on 20 April 2018 following a two month consultation process and the review of more than 150 submissions received from a broad range of groups and individuals. 

Please refer to the below attachment for more information on the ESB's initial design.

More information on the consultation paper can be found here.

Commonwealth design elements

Along-side the high level design document prepared by the ESB, the Commonwealth Government has prepared a document on the design elements that are its responsibility – setting the emissions target under the Guarantee, the treatment of emissions-intensive trade-exposed industries and the role of external offsets. This paper outlines the Commonwealth Government’s updated position on these design elements in response to the feedback received through the consultation process.

Please refer to the below attachments for more information on the Commonwealth design element.


Council Priority Issue