National Energy Guarantee Draft Detailed Design - Commonwealth Elements

Publication date: Friday, 15th June 2018.

The Commonwealth Government prepared a draft detailed design document on the design elements that are its responsibility. These include the mechanics of setting and changing the emissions reduction target, the proposed design of the emissions-intensive trade-exposed activity exemption and the potential use of offsets.

The National Energy Guarantee Draft Detailed Design for Consultation - Commonwealth Elements can be found below.

The Commonwealth Government invited submissions in response to this consultation paper.  The consultation period has now closed.

The independent Energy Security Board released:


The Commonwealth Government received over 60 submissions in response to the National Energy Guarantee Draft Detailed Design for Consultation - Commonwealth Elements consultation paper.

The feedback received in response to the consultation paper will help inform the final detailed design elements of the Guarantee that are the Commonwealth Government's responsibility.


File nameSize
PDF icon National Energy Guarantee Draft Design for Consultation - Commonwealth Design Elements332.3 KB
PDF icon ABB submission.pdf97.55 KB
PDF icon ACCIONA submission.pdf342.82 KB
PDF icon ACOSS submission.pdf808.35 KB
PDF icon ACTU submission.pdf176.76 KB
PDF icon Adani Renewables submission.pdf167.82 KB
PDF icon AEC submission.pdf186.92 KB
PDF icon AEF submission.pdf1.12 MB
PDF icon AFPA submission.pdf314.66 KB
PDF icon AGIG submission.pdf807.01 KB
PDF icon AGL submission.pdf192.82 KB
PDF icon Agriculture Industries Energy Task Force submission.pdf368.99 KB
PDF icon AIGN submission.pdf367.96 KB
PDF icon AIP submission.pdf215.94 KB
PDF icon Alinta Energy submission.pdf724.97 KB
PDF icon APPEA submission.pdf2.8 MB
PDF icon ASBFEO submission.pdf42.85 KB
PDF icon ATSE submission.pdf266.53 KB
PDF icon Aurizon submission.pdf59.39 KB
PDF icon Aurora Energy submission.pdf1 MB
PDF icon Australian Aluminium Council submission.pdf461.33 KB
PDF icon Business SA submission.pdf79.92 KB
PDF icon BCA submission.pdf563.4 KB
PDF icon BlueScope submission.pdf132.78 KB
PDF icon CALC submission.pdf182.81 KB
PDF icon CEC submission.pdf164.42 KB
PDF icon Chemistry Australia submission.pdf679.4 KB
PDF icon CIF submission.pdf705.58 KB
PDF icon City of Sydney submission.pdf282.83 KB
PDF icon Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle submission.pdf202.42 KB
PDF icon Climate Council submission.pdf217.55 KB
PDF icon David Gillett submission.pdf209.62 KB
PDF icon Delta Electricity submission.pdf180.8 KB
PDF icon Doctors for the Environment Australia submission.pdf177.13 KB
PDF icon Edge Energy Services submission.pdf139.53 KB
PDF icon EDL submission.pdf327.8 KB
PDF icon ENA submission.pdf104.12 KB
PDF icon Enel Green Power submission.pdf262.08 KB
PDF icon Energy Efficiency Council submission.pdf302.11 KB
PDF icon Energy Queensland submission.pdf224.32 KB
PDF icon EnergyAustralia submission.pdf709.68 KB
PDF icon Environment Victoria submission.pdf758.64 KB
PDF icon ERM Power submission.pdf103.07 KB
PDF icon ETU submission.pdf150.5 KB
PDF icon EUAA submission.pdf251.37 KB
PDF icon Goldwind Australia submission.pdf354.98 KB
PDF icon Grattan Institute submission.pdf253.17 KB
PDF icon Hydro Tasmania submission.pdf395.34 KB
PDF icon IGCC submission.pdf125.41 KB
PDF icon Infigen submission.pdf5.78 MB
PDF icon Joint Climate Groups submission.pdf718.07 KB
PDF icon Lighter Footprints submission.pdf161.84 KB
PDF icon Major Energy Users Inc. submission.pdf59.15 KB
PDF icon Meridian submission.pdf102.98 KB
PDF icon NFF submission.pdf617.73 KB
PDF icon Origin Energy submission.pdf227.87 KB
PDF icon Property Council of Australia submission.pdf327.68 KB
PDF icon QCOSS submission.pdf246.21 KB
PDF icon Rio Tinto submission (Public).pdf123.44 KB
PDF icon SAWIA submission.pdf105.15 KB
PDF icon Snowy Hydro submission.pdf253.31 KB
PDF icon Stanwell submission.pdf1009.34 KB
PDF icon Tilt Renewables submission.pdf384.34 KB
PDF icon Tim Kelly submission.pdf798.3 KB
PDF icon VCMA submission.pdf295.66 KB


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