National Energy Guarantee Final Detailed Design - Commonwealth Elements

Publication date: Wednesday, 01st August 2018.

The Commonwealth Government has prepared a final detailed design document on the elements of the National Energy Guarantee that are its responsibility. These include the mechanics of setting and changing the emissions reduction target, the design of the emissions-intensive trade-exposed activity exemption process and the use of offsets.

The National Energy Guarantee Final Detailed Design – Commonwealth Elements can be found below.

The final design follows from the consultation process on the Commonwealth’s Draft Detailed Design for Consultation - Commonwealth Elements paper, released on 15 June 2018. The consultation period has now closed.

The Commonwealth received over 70 submissions in response to the June 2018 consultation paper.

This paper sits alongside the Energy Security Board's Final Detailed Design paper.

Next steps

The Energy Security Board’s final design of the Guarantee will be presented to the COAG Energy Council for its final determination at the August 2018 meeting of the Council.

Should the Council agree to adopt the Guarantee, the Energy Security Board intend to release an exposure draft of the National Electricity Law legislative amendments for public consultation. 

The Commonwealth Government intends to introduce its supporting Commonwealth legislation into Parliament before the end of the year.


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