National Mineral Exploration Strategy (Revised July 2017)

Publication date: Monday, 17th July 2017.

At its 8 June 2012 meeting, the former Standing Council on Energy and Resources considered the report Levers to Improve Australia’s Global Position for Attracting Resource Exploration Investment and agreed to develop a National Mineral Exploration Strategy to address Australia’s greenfields exploration challenge.

Published in December 2012, the Strategy included a renewed commitment to pre-competitive geoscience in all jurisdictions, a mineral exploration investment attraction plan, and a national Geoscience Research Initiative.The objectives of the mineral exploration investment attraction plan are to promote Australia to make it the preferred destination for investment in exploration, and to advocate opportunities in covered greenfield areas.

In March 2017, the Geoscience Working Group (GWG) of the COAG Energy Council resolved to update the National Mineral Exploration Strategy, to reflect changes in government, industry and community priorities since 2012. The revised 2017-2022 National Mineral Exploration Strategy was approved by the COAG Energy Council at its 14 July 2017 meeting.

The GWG will deliver the strategy, in partnership with the resources industry, the research community and the services sector, by:

  • Encouraging investment through a renewed commitment to the creation and delivery of government-funded pre-competitive geoscience from all jurisdictions, including new techniques, and a refreshed approach to the global promotion of Australia as the lead destination for investment in mineral exploration and mining.

  • Harnessing our capability, including a cross-institutional research venture focused on delivering the applied geoscience needed for industry to better explore beneath the covered regions of Australia, as well as continued development and promotion of Australia's world-leading METS sector.

  • Protecting the environment through provision of robust baseline pre-competitive geoscience data for evidence-based decision making and reducing the exploration footprint.

  • Supporting our people and communities through wider engagement and clear communication of relevant geoscience information, and the economic and social benefits of a vibrant minerals industry to a broad audience.