Report to the COAG Energy Council on Gas Resources in Australia

Publication date: Thursday, 04th May 2017.

In December 2012, the former Standing Council on Energy and Resources tasked officials to:

  1. provide regular and nationally consistent reports on unconventional gas reserves, resources and productions, including new well drilling rates, using data currently held by jurisdictions; and
  2. develop a means of collecting and reporting unconventional gas production forecasts for inclusion in the periodic reporting of unconventional gas.

The Council also tasked Geoscience Australia to prepare a standardised national approach to combining jurisdictionally based unconventional reserves, resources and production data, including approaches to dealing with any confidentiality issues. This report is developed with the assistance of Upstream Petroleum Resources Working Group (UPR) members.

First released in September 2013, the annual Report to the Council on Unconventional Reserves, Resources, Production, Forecasts and Drilling Rates delivers each of these objectives.

This initiative is a proactive response by the Council to investigate a possible domestic gas shortage on the east coast of Australia in the immediate future and potential concerns across all jurisdictions in the longer term.

Consistent with the COAG Energy Council's Gas Supply Strategy implementation efforts, the scope of the 2017 report has been broadened to include information on offshore gas reserves and resources. This is intended to provide a more fulsome picture of total gas reserves and resources in Australia.


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